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MercuryHub™ is the easiest way to engage your customers and employees with micromessaging wherever they are, with content they'll actually enjoy.

Engage Your Workforce Effectively

Today’s connected organizations need direct two-way communication between their leadership, team members, and customers. The best way to accomplish this is with quick and concise messaging capabilities focused on microlearning that are quick to create, easy to consume, and effortless to engage with. MercuryHub™ is built from the ground up to let you put the right content in front of the right people at the right time to accomplish your organizational goals.

Is Your Team Member Training Effective?

A Complete Toolkit

MercuryHub™ provides all the core functionality you need to get a complete micromessaging program up and running quickly without any guesswork.


Assemble creative content for drip campaigns or design self-paced coursework for on-demand training, product launches, or procedures.


Filter out the noise with 1:1 communication or customized group messages for announcements, status updates, or awards & recognitions.


Gather data-driven metrics to cater your content to learners’ needs, then track progress, implement feedback, and customize your content.

Microcontent Creation the Way You Want It

Create a Single Message or an Entire Campaign

MercuryHub™ comes with a full suite of content creation tools backed by our team of experts to get you started with text, image, and video content quickly. From single message posts to a full microlesson curriculum, the MercuryHub™ platform is ready to handle the needs of organizations large and small.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Campaigns

MercuryHub™ automatically tracks important aspects of your message and lesson campaigns to help you understand what your employees and customers are looking at, responding to, and engaging with.

No App required

MercuryHub™ is built from the ground up to provide a seamless experience without ever installing a mobile app on your phone.

Effective Starting Templates

MercuryHub™ comes with templated messaging and learning campaign flows so you can focus on creating content that will be well-received.

Analytics You Can Use

There’s no need to guess if your content is effective – MercuryHub™ will tell you and also help you create stickier content in the future.

Guided Recommendations

Our team of experts can help you make the most of your campaign data and drive more engagement and learning over time.

4 Steps to Micromessaging Success

We use a four-step process to get your messaging campaigns up and running quickly and effectively.


We identify your target users, determine the best learning objectives for your organization, analyze existing information available to your users, and segment content to meet the expectations of each user group.


Next, we create an outline for coursework and messaging, develop any new content needed to meet course goals, work with your team to define learning objectives, and prepare microlearning-formatted content for distribution.


Then we get your campaign ready by importing contact lists, segmenting contacts for campaign phases and content types, aligning coursework content with the campaign schedule, and drafting additional team communications as needed.


In the last step, we launch the campaign, track and analyze results as users interact with content, implement improvements to increase campaign effectiveness, and plan follow-on campaigns and communications to keep the ball rolling.

See It in Action

MercuryHub™ can be customized to a wide variety of industries and content types. From informational images and videos to interactive quizzes and questions, it's ready for your needs.


MercuryHub™ is more than just a messaging manager, it's a full platform and service suite that brings benefits to your entire organization.

MercuryHub™ is truly platform agnostic, allowing you to interact with users on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops without the need to install any apps or software.

MercuryHub™ is backed by a team of experts who will guide you through the setup process, help you create the best content possible, monitor your campaigns, and suggest ways to get your users interested and keep them engaged.

MercuryHub™'s campaigns are built to be tailored to audience needs and expectations. Different content can go to different groups, ensuring that everyone receives only messages most relevant to them.

MercuryHub™'s built-in points system not only encourages user participation, but also allows easy integration to corporate recognition and reward programs, incentives, and performance reviews.

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